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Teacher Appreciation  Committee

The Teacher Appreciation Committee is responsible for hosting a meaningful Teacher Appreciation Week as well as a Faculty Appreciation Luncheon each year, operating within  the budget allocated from the board and securing as many in-kind donations as possible to cover the events. 


In addition, the committee shall be responsible for pulling together year end gifts as well as recognizing birthdays and other important milestones within the lives of the educators.  The Teacher Appreciation Week committee shall be comprised of at least 2 parents from each school level and a representative from administration.  The Faculty appreciation luncheon committee shall have at least 2 parents from each school level and at least 4 teachers.




Teacher Appreciation Committee Member

The committee will develop a calendar of appreciation events and activities for teachers concentrating on Teacher Appreciation Week as well as secure Holiday & End of Year Gifts for all teachers and assistants.


Qualifications: Must be enthusiastic about Villa’s mission and vision. In addition, the ideal candidate will be creative and collaborative as well as organized.  Event planning a plus.

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