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Programs  Committee

The Program Committee is comprised of teachers, administration, and at least 4 parents from each school level (Infant, Toddler, Primary, E1, E2, Middle School).  The committee works collaboratively with the head of school to identify events and programs that can be offered during the school year that will compliment Villa’s existing programs. 




Program Committee Member

The committee will develop a calendar of events and activities that will serve to enhance the experience of parents, students, and teachers that will include but is not limited to parent educational opportunities, garden day, art masterpiece, community building events (like swap it day), and math & science events.


Qualifications: Must possess exceptional organizational and communications skills as well as be passionate about the Villa Montessori mission and vision.  Ideal members will have event planning and/or skills that will enhance the Villa community (gardening, art, music, math, etc).


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