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Communications  Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing a communication plan each school year. 


The communication plan will include:

  • A comprehensive New Family Welcome process, that orients new families to:

    • The Montessori method

    • The Villa culture

    • Fundraising goals and vehicles available for fundraising

    • Parent-to-parent mentoring (new families are paired with seasoned families to help build community as well as help transition into the school – mirroring the Montessori method)

  • Updated Parent Handbook (and identifying ways to use technology for delivery and availability)

  • Updated Family Directory (and identifying ways to use technology for deliver and availability)

  • Social Media plan (consolidating Villa Moms groups, managing the PTO FB page, etc)


All PTO communications will flow through the Communications committee to create a consistent message and coordinate messaging with all PTO and Administration that will reduce information bombardment to Villa families (i.e. the Program Committee hosts a 50th Anniversary celebration for Villa – the information and invitation would come from the Communications Committee – not Program – to ensure that the timing does not conflict with other communications that need to be sent)




Communications Committee Member

All classroom coordinators are ex-officio members of the communications committee.  In addition, there will be at least one representative from administration on the committee along with between 2-4 middle school parents and another 2-4 teachers. The committee will assemble the Family Directory and update it on an annual basis, being sure to distribute it before the start of the school year.  The Committee will serve as the New Family Welcome committee and will ensure to orient new families to the Villa Community that will include communication about the fundraising needs and opportunities.


Qualifications: Must possess strong communication and business management skills.  Must also be passionate about the Villa Montessori School mission and vision.

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