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Villa Under the Stars FAQ

I didn’t receive an invitation to the camping trip – who all can come?

You can!  All Villa families, teachers, and administration are invited to join us! RSVP here.

Can we have a campfire?

There are currently no fire restrictions in the area.  However, we do need to bring our own firewood.  If your family would like to bring some firewood to help keep a fire going, we would appreciate it!  We do ask that if you do not have experience with making or extinguishing a campfire, that you join us at the group campfire, instead of building your own.  It takes a lot to put out a campfire, and we want to make sure we are safe and do not inadvertently start a forest fire.

Will there be restrooms at the campsite?

There will be a few vault toilets available at the campground.  We are also renting several porta-potties, as required by the Forest Service.  We do recommend that you bring extra toilet paper, just in case we run out.

Do I need to bring my own camping items, like a tent, sleeping bags, etc.?

Yes.  If you’re not a camper or don’t have equipment available, please ask around as lots of Villa families camp.  You can also rent equipment from the Hiking Shack or from REI.  If you go to the Hiking Shack , be sure to mention that you’re with Villa Montessori to get our group’s 15% discount! 

Do I need to bring a stove?

Not necessarily.  If you plan to cook food, you can either use a stove or try your hand at campfire cooking.  If you don’t want to cook, you can plan to bring food that does not require cooking, such as sandwiches, fruit, veggies, bagels, granola bars, etc.  (If you don’t bring a stove and can’t live without coffee, bring some Starbucks instant packets, and stop by for morning coffee with a neighbor who has hot water!)

If too many people go, how will we all fit on the campsite?

The campground is a six-acre, fenced-in property.  We do not anticipate exceeding the limit set by the Forest Service; however, we do ask that you RSVP so that we can plan with regard to porta-potties and anticipate our space needs for next year.  

Where will I get my t-shirt/sweatshirt and S’mores kit?

We will have all pre-ordered items available at the campsite.  If you are unexpectedly unable to attend, we will make sure we get your items to you back in Phoenix.  Make sure you order by September 4 to receive your gear at the site!  (All gear ordered after that date will be made available a few weeks following the trip.)  Place you order here: 

How true to size is the gear?

It’s tough to say until we see it, but if you feel your child is between sizes, go larger.  It is our understanding, however, that the clothing is pretty true to size.

Is this a “dry” trip?

That is a decision for each family to make for themselves.  Drinking is not prohibited, and in fact, the PTO will be hosting a happy hour; however, we do ask that, if you choose to drink, you bring cans or place your drink is something that is not breakable.  We also ask that everyone be respectful of their neighbors and mind the campground regulations.

Will there be any activities?

Nature is full of activities and tends to keep the kids busy as is!  However, we do have the following activities scheduled (loosely – we are on camping time!):

  • Friday, 6pm:  Welcome happy hour at the campfire ring. 

  • Saturday, 10am:  Nature hike – location TBD

  • Saturday, 3pm:  Kids v. Parents Capture the Flag

We will also have some activities, like cornhole, slacklines, soccer, etc. available to make sure everyone has a good time.  If you have a favorite outdoor activity or game, feel free to bring it!  We welcome more slack lines, telescopes (the view of the stars goes on for miles!), musical instruments, bats, balls, badminton – whatever you can fit in your car!

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